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Welcome to Errol by the Sea Condo
Rules and Regulations

  • Check-in is 3:00 PM on Saturday! All in your party must present themselves at check-in.
  • If you arrive earlier, you may change in the clubhouse and enjoy the pool/beach until 3:00 PM.
  • We recommend you try the Publix APP to order your groceries and have your order delivered at 5:00 PM or later –  This will allow extra time to enjoy the beach.
  • This is a Condominium of individually owned units. For the benefit of all residents/occupants, there are extensive rules with fines/fees for violations. We respectfully request that you please familiarize yourself with them and comply.
  • Welcome Bags:
    • Parking is permitted for a maximum of 2 cars by gate cards only. Towing notice is posted and will be enforced.
    • Pool bands for the week – All residents/occupants must wear one. (SUMMER)
    • Red light in unit informs you the office needs to communicate with you.  Maintenance & Outages will be emailed to you.
    • Office hours are 9AM – 12NOON, 2PM – 5PM Monday – Saturday. There is shuffleboard, tennis, basketball, and pickleball equipment available in the office. You will need to sign it out. There is a 2-hour maximum.
    • This is a NO SMOKING campus. Smoking is designated at the BBQ areas ONLY.
  • Pool Rules
    • There is no reserving space at the pool, but you may set up on the beach for the entire day.
    • Please Read and Comply with all Pool Rules, including those posted on signs.
    • All children under 16 must be supervised by an adult over 18.
    • Shower before entering pool, and make sure sunscreen has dried.
      • No food, glass, gum or drinks in the pool or 4’ around the pool – per the Health Department
      • No diving, jumping or flipping into the pool
    • Please lower your table umbrella when you leave. Maintenance staff has gone for the day by 5:00 PM.
    • No radios at the pool. You may use a headset.
    • Anyone who is incontinent must wear disposable “swim diapers.”  To help with the cleanliness of the pool for all occupants, please shower before entering the pool, ensure that you take appropriate bathroom breaks, and allow “waterproof” sunblock or tanner to dry before entering the pool. Sunblock in the pool water may cause us to shut down a pool.
    • Handicap assistance is available upon request. Please contact the office prior to your arrival to ensure handicap pool equipment is available.
    • Shower before returning to your unit. Sunscreen can damage furniture and you will be responsible for upholstery cleaning or replacement if damaged.
  • Ground Rules
    • No playing/sitting on the courtyard grass.  (This includes pets & children)
    • Bikes must be kept in the bike rack on the north side. All bicycles found in front of units will be placed in storage.  All bikes chained to any tree, fence, railing will be cut off and stored.
    • Do not hold open or leave carts in the elevator doorway.
    • Quiet Hours are between the hours of 10:00PM and 8:00AM and includes the pool deck area.   The Police will be dispatched. Fines apply! No Warning.
    • Please be aware of your safety on the property & keep doors and windows locked at all times.
    • Capacity for 2BR – Max 6, 1BR – Max 4. Overages will be Evicted or Fined.
    • Boats – must have a reservation 1 month in advance of your arrival. Appendix II
    • BBQs are permitted in designated areas ONLY. Please keep this area clean, and DO NOT leave hot coals unattended.  Please empty BBQ when cooled.
  • Railings/Walkways
    • Sand is the enemy of the walkways and door locks. Please make sure to rinse off your feet/bodies/equipment/KEYS before entering the elevators.
    • No towels on any railings. You will be fined, no warning. The stairwells can be slippery when wet, please make sure everyone in your party takes proper care when utilizing the stairs.
    • Please do not run or play on the walkways or in the stairwells, elevators, or parking areas.
    • No skateboards, or skates. 
    • FIRELANES: Personal belongs must be kept inside the units, the entire exterior is considered Fire Lanes by the Fire Department. Corridors, walkways, stairwells, and entrances must be kept free of personal belongs for fire safety. All items found on the walkways will be placed in storage, and you may retrieve after you pay the fee/fine.  This includes stacking your items in front of the door before check-in.
  • Lockouts from units during work hours is $25.00. After hours process is to call the office 386-427-3641 & and the on-call person will be dispatched. The charge for afterhours is $50.00 and will be deducted from your deposit. Admin fees apply.
  • Renters and guests are not allowed to have pets.
  • Units:
    • Bicycles are NOT ALLOWED in units. The Bike rack is near the office.
    • Before inviting guests, check with the office to ensure our facilities will not be over-extended.
  • Volusia County Turtle Season – Fines up to $2,500.00 apply to unit, and they will be processed against your credit card.   5/1 – 11/1 is TURTLE SEASON
    • May 1 – November 1 County of Volusia Land Development Code Article XII.
    • Dusk-Dawn all drapes/blinds on windows/doors facing ocean MUST be CLOSED.
    • All personal belongs must be removed from the beach prior to dusk each day.
  • Keys: Failure to return keys will result in an immediate charge of $250.00 from your security deposit due to re-keying the unit before the next renter plus an additional admin fee.
  • Check-out Procedures:
    • Check-out is 10:00 AM and is $50.00 per half-hour after that time.
    • Do not make the beds!
    • Dishwasher should be loaded, and you should start it.
    • Laundry – No more than 2 loads of laundry should be left in the unit. There is a $20.00 per load plus tax for each additional load left. (Coin laundries are located on 2nd and 4th floors).
    • Keys should be dropped at the office through the door slot if not open.
  • Rollovers:
    • Weekly – may book the same week you are here via the office. After that, the unit will be released to the general public. Manual processing by the office will be $25.00 service fee per your contract if you call to rollover after you leave.
    • Monthly – please see your Rollover Documents for details.
    • Security Deposit Rollover form – to hold onto your security deposit we will need your signed form in the office by the end of your stay. If the form is not in the office by the end of your stay, the office will return your deposit at the end of the 30-day period automatically.
  • Maintenance for inside the unit policy
    • A Broken Refrigerator or Air Conditioner >80 degrees outside – Local appliance rental company will be called to deliver a temporary refrigerator/air conditioner until the unit can be repaired or replaced by the owner within 2 weeks.  The renter will be comped their daily rent amount for the number of days they were without.
    • Any other Appliance – request will be sent to service and appliance fixed when the service person can. The renter will be comped 10% of rent for Major Appliances of Air & Refrigerator only.
    • Emergencies like falling or falling out of bed – you need to call 911 for paramedic assistance.
  • Appendix II – Fees
Errol by the Sea
4501 S. Atlantic Avenue
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169 USA
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